Enjoying Independence Abroad

Cape Town, South Africa
-33.924868500000, 18.424055300000
Journal Entry:

By now, I've been in South Africa for about a month and a half. Immediately upon arrival, it became apparent just how much of a transition this would be. I had to get on a plane in the frigid Minnesota winter and travel across an ocean to the sunny summer of South Africa. While this sounds like a glamorous switch, I was, frankly, overwhelmed. I found myself alone, in a brand new country, attempting to make brand new friends, and seeing so many brand new sights. I had some doubts, wondering if I had made the right choice. What if I couldn't make any new friends? What if classes were too hard? What if my friends and family at home were having fun without me? It sure would have been easier to just stay in Minnesota!

However, since arriving, here in Cape Town, all of the people I have met have been so welcoming. Locals always say hello with a hug and a "howzit?", a common greeting in South African slang. This friendliness has eased my nerves and helped reassure me that I made the right choice in coming here. People, here, have been equally eager to give me recommendations of restaurants, grocery stores, and things to do for fun. 

After a few days of orientation, my classes started. I'm taking classes in history, sociology and law.