Left is right?

In my first few car rides, I was so nervous because it felt like other cars on the road would crash into the one I was traveling in. However, I soon realized that driving here is just as safe as with traffic in the U.S.A., but it just took some getting used to! I was so happy when using Ubers for the first time in South Africa because they are very affordable compared to in the United States. Most uber rides, here in Cape Town cost less than $5 per journey. When I used the Jammie Shuttle to get to class for the first time, I was very confused. I asked a local student for help, and she directed me to the right bus to get on and where to get off! The good news is that the people of Cape Town are so friendly and love to help out Americans and other tourists!

Is this way of getting around connected to the culture and environment, How?:

As a result of the hilly terrain on campus, Jammie Shuttles help students get from place to place on campus without having to walk up the many stairs and steep hills to get from class to class. Taking Uber rides provides an awesome opportunity to chat with drivers who are from Cape Town. The drivers are often very chatty and love to offer recommendations for restaurants, hikes and activities. Learning about South African culture from strangers, such as Uber drivers, has been one of my favorite experiences here!

Rosebank, Cape Town, Western Province, South Africa
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POINT (18.4754075 -33.9540062)