Everyone Loves Mealtime on a Ship


There's nothing better in cold places than a nice, hot meal. On a ship, the galley (a ship's kitchen) is a hive of activity, and onboard chefs pull from a massive stock of provisions that were loaded in port. Let's go behind-the-scenes to see where all this food is stored, how it becomes the amazing meals that fuel this expedition and then I'll dive deeper into the South African teatime snack of rusks and rooibos tea. Yum!

What food did I try?:

Deciding what to try is actually the hard part... there are so many great food options onboard the ship. For breakfast, there's always eggs to order, a variety of cereals, toast, grilled bacon and lots of coffee and tea. There is a daily menu at each table, listing the day's mealtimes and previewing the full fare for lunch and dinner. For lunch, there's always a soup of the day (red lentil, leek and potato, vegetable), followed by a long list of additional options. If you want a little bit of everything, you ask the steward for a "full house." After dinner, there's also always a dessert, which makes all the adults onboard the ship very happy. 

I also recently tried a special South African snack called rusks, which gets paired with hot rooibos tea for an amazing mid-afternoon snack.

How did I feel when I tried it?:

I am constantly amazed by the food that comes out of the galley.