Famous Polish People and Landmarks

Warsaw, Poland
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Journal Entry:

There are many famous people that were Polish. The three most famous people are Marie Curie, Frederic Chopin, and Nicholaus Copernicus.

Marie Curie was a scientist born in 1867 who helped to discover radiation and even helped to invent one of the first X-ray machines. Have you ever broken a bone and had to have an X-ray taken of your bone? If so, Marie Curie played a role in making the machine that is used today. She was also won the Nobel Prize in two different sciences and is the only person to do this. Poland is very proud of her accomplishments and you can even find a statue and museum dedicated to her in Warsaw!

Frederic Chopin is a famous Polish music composer and pianist born in 1810. Have you ever heard any of his music? Warsaw is very proud of Chopin and there are even public benches throughout the city that have buttons that you can press to play his music. The airport in Warsaw is even named after him. The largest park in Warsaw, Lazienki, has a large statue of him. In the summer months there are free public concerts playing his music at the park.

Finally, Nicholaus Copernicus is a famous Polish astronomer born in 1473. His worked help to discover that the planets orbit the sun.