Traveler Bio

Hi everyone! My name is Erika Cyphert and I spent nine months living in Warsaw, Poland. I grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania (near Pittsburgh) and went to college in Cleveland, Ohio.

I do not have any Polish heritage and did not speak any Polish, so you may wonder why I ended up living in Poland? I am a scientific researcher in biomedical engineering. This means that I help develop new medical devices. I discovered that there was specialized research happening in Warsaw, which is the capital of the country of Poland, and I was fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Poland to work on this research.

Growing up I have always been fascinated in travel. My family hosted a number of visiting students from countries such as Germany, South Korea, Japan, and Georgia (a country near Russia). By hosting these students, I was able to learn more about the cultures and traditions of these countries and even taste some of their authentic dishes! When I became a college student, I wanted to further my understanding of different cultures and traditions by living in a foreign country. I had the opportunity to visit Poland and I fell in love with the culture and wanted to live in the country so that I could develop a better understanding of Polish culture.

Poland is such a beautiful country and I am excited to share these sites and Polish cultural traditions with you! Let's go!