Polish Traditions


There are a number of traditions and holidays that are celebrated in Poland. Some of them you may be familiar with because they are also celebrated in the United States. However, some are unique or special to Poland. Have you ever heard of Smigus Dyngus (Wet Monday) or Zaduszki (All Souls' Day)? These holidays are unique to Poland and are not necessarily celebrated in the United States.

Easter is a popular holiday that is celebrated in Poland. It is celebrated every spring, and as in the United States, many people color or dye eggs. Polish dyed eggs are called pisanki and have very detailed designs and can take hours or days to paint. Sometimes people even make wooden painted eggs.

At the beginning of the Easter season, Poland has a special day called Tlusty Czwartek (Fat Thursday). This is a day dedicated to eating sweets, including special Polish doughnuts called paczki. These are jelly-filled doughnuts that are traditionally filled with a rose-flavored jam. Every bakery in the city has very long lines to buy the doughnuts on Fat Thursday. Another treat they eat on Fat Thursday is called faworki (Angel Wings), which is a flaky pastry covered in powdered sugar. Which treat sounds the best to you? One of the most popular foods that is eaten on Easter day is a soup called zurek.