Mundolingua: The Linguistics Museum


Mundolingua has a collection of language board games like Scrabble and Pictionary...what are your favorite board games?
This long card is a copy of some ancient writing from the Mayan people, who live in Central America
This exhibit has a screen with information in six languages, plus some documents and books hanging on the walls
The museum even has a section on fictional languages... have you heard of High Elvish from Lord of the Rings, or Klingon from Star Trek?
Can you tell what some of these communication devices are?
Do you know what these technologies from the past are called?
One of my favorite pieces in this museum is this fancy tapestry of the Armenian alphabet
This is a copy of the Rosetta Stone, but the original is from Ancient Egypt, and it has a law written on it in three alphabets: Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and demotic, and Ancient Greek