A Day in the Life of Aiden


As a college student in a foreign country, it was a bit challenging for me to figure out how to get this article done. I didn't know any children, personally, and I can't just walk up to a school and ask a random child some questions. So, I wondered, where do I find a kid to interview? 

Luckily, I recently started working for my study abroad program's office. There, one of my bosses is Rebecca, the Student Affairs Coordinator. She herself was once a study abroad student in France. Now she works to help American students in my program get the classes they need at their exchange universities here in Paris.

She and her husband Damien have a six-year-old son, Aiden. Rebecca is American, while Damien is French. So Aiden is both American and French! He speaks French and English. He actually has a bit of a French accent when he speaks English. He switches between languages so easily. 

Today, after work, Rebecca and I went to pick Aiden up from school. Then, they very graciously invited me into their home so I could ask Aiden about his life as a kid living in France.

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?:

For breakfast:

"I eat fruit like pears and mango and apples. And madeleines (round, shell-shaped pastries). I drink milk, water and sometimes juice."

For lunch:

"Green beans with riz cantonnais! Yogurt, apples..."