Expressing Myself Through Books, Music and Movies

Sudan, Khartoum
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Journal Entry:

It's very sad knowing that I'm writing the final journal entry for my exchange program with RTW. But at the same time, I feel pleased and proud of the short time I spent communicating with Maha, Josh and Abby, talking about different issues and finding common grounds despite our differences. 

The last journal, in my opinion, is very special because it focuses on each of us on a personal level and shows hidden aspects of our personalities. I couldn't decide whether I'm going to talk about the books, music or movies that I love the most so I'm going to talk in brief about all of them. I hope it doesn't get too long for you to read, but I wanted to share everything that I appreciate with you. I want to start talking about my journey with reading and mentioning my favorite books through the years. I didn't commit to reading literature until I was 16 years old. I didn't start reading Arabic literature as would anyone else would but instead, I chose reading books written in English thanks to my cousin Re'al. During one holiday, she bought the Twilight saga and Percy Jackson's book collection. I took her permission to start reading the first book of the Twilight saga and to be honest, I was hooked instantly.