Enabled Sudanese Youth


I started working with Yalla Nbader Association when I was studying in college in 2013 as a volunteer and media team leader. Back then, our principle goal was to found a volunteering mindset among the youth. Now, Yalla Nbader is focusing on youth development by raising leadership and knowledge capacities programs among the youth in order to come up with measurable results.

What community need did I learn about?:

When I first started volunteering with Yalla Nbader, we used to initiate campaigns to raise money for those whos homes were affected by rain season or to buy school needs for students at the beginning of the year for example. This was an attempt to create an icon for mature culture of volunteerism in the society using social media and professional media vessels.
Then, in 2016, we asked: what sensible outcome we were able to have from the charity work we conducted during the past years? Surprisingly, we weren't able to answer the question. At least not in numbers or charts.
That made us take a step to make sure that whatever community work we manage it should have measurable outcomes. We scheduled many meetings with counselors working with other local and international organizations in Sudan. They introduced us to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and encountered us to choose one goal to focus on as an organization.