Gangwon - Nature, Mountains, And Alpacas!

Journal Entry:

Last week, I went to Gangwon province; a province in the northern side of South Korea, known for its beautiful parks, mountains, and food. However, the highlight of this trip was seeing alpacas there! I have never seen alpacas before, much less in Korea (alpacas aren’t the first thing to come to my mind when I think about Korea), so I was so excited to go on this trip!

Since Gangwon province, specifically the city of Chuncheon, is far away from where I am staying in Seoul, getting there is a task on its own. I woke up bright and early to take a bus from Seoul. It took two to three hours to reach our destination, but the view for the entire way there was filled with the greenery of nature and the beauty of the countryside. At last, we had arrived at our destination: Alpaca World! 

In Alpaca World, there were many different spots that were numbered off for the different activities available. There were also stamps for each location, and if you got every stamp, you’d win a prize! We started off with a location called Healing Walk. After climbing up an (unfortunately very steep) hill, we were greeted by an alpaca that we were given to take on a walk. There at the top were alpacas of every different color and size available. Even though the walk up was exhausting, it was worth it in the end because on top of the hill, we actually got to walk the alpacas!