Food in Argentina

Drinking the mate especially makes me feel close and connected with others, because we are sharing the tea through the same cup and straw as we walk or talk. It's a shared activity meant to be social, and I think it will help me feel more comfortable here. There is a ritual or tradition to passing around mate while out in the park or in a plaza. The empanadas are cheap, easy to find and have a lot of flavors. As a pescatarian, which means I only eat fish and vegetables, I love going to an empanada stand and having a lot of options to choose from. 

How is the food prepared?:

The empanada dough is rolled out, stuffed with whatever filling is in the middle, folded and baked. Mate is a loose-leaf tea, which means the leaves are poured directly into the cup and then the water. The bombilla, or straw, has a filter at the bottom so you don't drink the leaves when you sip. Everyone drinks the entire cup, and then hands it back to the person who brought the cup so they can fill it up with hot water again and pass it to the next person. 

Is this food connected to the local environment? How?:

Everyone eats this dish, shares it and is very proud of it. It can be found at stands and cafes on most corners of the city. It's a way to sit and chat with people and appreciate the mix of European and South American culture here. I am very excited to eat more of the foods and try more of the drinks I shared with you and then try a lot of other new things! 

Rosario, Argentina
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