Kids in Argentina


To make sure this post about kids and students in Argentina has correct information, I talked to my host sister Tata, whose house I stayed at last time I was in Argentina. I asked her questions about her school day and the things she likes. Tata is 14 and lives in Buenos Aires, the largest city in Argentina. All of her answers will be italicized and if I can, I will add commentary afterward. Answering these questions helped her practice her English, and she was excited to share a little bit of her life with you! 

What do you eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?:

Breakfast: cookies or fruit. Lunch: salad, rice, pasta. Dinner: tortilla, pizza, milanesa, tarta, empanadas.

Lunch is usually a bigger meal than dinner here and most people take a nap, called a siesta, after they eat lunch. When Tata says tortilla, she is not talking about the Mexican tortillas we use for tacos, but Spanish tortilla, which is a baked egg and potato dish. Milanesa is one of Argentina's most popular foods and is a thin piece of meat that is breaded and fried, almost like a giant, fancier chicken nugget. Tarta is like a quiche, or a flaky crust filled with egg and meat or vegetables. And Argentine empanadas are famous hand-held pockets of dough filled with different meats and vegetables.