Inspiring Explorers' Expedition to Antarctica

Current Location

Roberts Island, South Shetland Islands

What is it like to journey to Antarctica, following in the footsteps of bold, early polar explorers? Join the Inspiring Explorers as they share their adventures from the bottom of the world!


What is an average week like aboard a ship in Antarctica? It's anything but average! From meals to excursions to downtime activities, read how the Inspiring Explorers spent their days on expedition.


On our visit to Roberts Island, which is part of the Shetland Islands, we found a lot of very different animals all living on the same small piece of land. You might be surpirsed by what we saw!

Field Notes

One thing I was very nervous about when kayaking in Antarctica was being knocked out of my kayak by a whale! Luckily, the whales were very friendly and only swam close to greet us as we passed by.


Antarctica is one of the coldest, windiest and driest places on Earth. It's also one of the last remaining wildernesses because it's inhospitable to all but the bravest, most well-prepared travelers.