The Incredible Wildlife of Roberts Island

Roberts Island, South Shetland Islands
-62.399808300000, -59.507413700000
Journal Entry:

On our journey from Argentina down to the Antarctic Peninsula, we passed through the South Shetland Islands, stopping off at Roberts Island. We had planned to kayak around part of the island, but unfortunately the sea was too rough. However, this meant that we had the time to take a zodiac boat over to the island. This was a freezing, wet and bumpy ride, feeling like we were on a roller coaster at sea! Once we arrived, we were ready to explore the island on foot.

Roberts Island is a relatively small island, at 11 miles long and eight miles wide. It is located at 62°24′S 59°30′W, with a surface area 51 square miles. Despite its small size, there is an incredible range of wildlife living there. Fur seals, elephant seals, gentoo penguins and chinstrap penguins, all living in very close proximity to each other.

The gentoo penguins were a particular highlight for me. They were scattered across a hillside, very far up the hill, which was impressive given how awkward they look waddling! They are known for their long tail, which is the most prominent tail of all penguins. They look quite funny waddling along on land with their big tails sticking out and moving from side to side.