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Are you ready to follow in the footsteps of early polar explorers and go on a journey to the Antarctic Peninsula? Join members of the Antarctic Heritage Trusts' Inspiring Explorers Expedition as they share stories, photos and videos from their recent adventures at the bottom of the planet. Over the next month, Reach the World will partner with the Antarctic Heritage Trust to share the experiences of the five Inspiring Explorers who were chosen from among hundreds of applicants for this experience of a lifetime. Let's meet them!

Owain John is the CEO of Squawk Squad, which inspires students to take action to protect the environment.

Ihlara Mcindoe started The Wave, which aims to foster young people’s interest and involvement in classical music.

Sadra Sultani leads initiatives to encourage women and men within the Muslim community to participate in sport tournaments.

Anzac Gallate led a group of students in developing an environmental education program that uses augmented and virtual reality.

Laurette Siemonek is a senior policy analyst for the Ministry of the Environment, where she advises on climate change policy.