A Migrant's Perspective

Ifrane, Morocco
Journal Entry:

Earlier in this journey, I wrote about migrants and refugees in Morocco. This community has played a big role in my experiences in Morocco, and as I get to know more migrants and refugees in this part of the world, my perspective continues to evolve. Today, I want to introduce you to my friend Freddy, who is a migrant living in Morocco.

Freddy has lived in Morocco for several years. He arrived to Morocco with hopes of becoming a professional futbol (soccer) player. When he was younger in Cameroon, a few people told his family that if they would give them money, they would bring Freddy to Morocco to play for a professional soccer team. Freddy's family gave the people the money and they took Freddy to Morocco. But when Freddy got to Morocco, there was no professional soccer club for him to join. The people lied to Freddy's family and he was left in Morocco, alone, scared, undocumented and without any help. 

Freddy's story is similar to other stories I've heard from migrants in Morocco. They were lied to about the potential of becoming a famous sport figure and having lots of money to provide for their family back home. Freddy explains that his experience in Morocco has been tough, but he has overcome it. Freddy has experienced racism, discrimination and abuse as a migrant in Morocco.