Jennifer's Journey to Germany

Current Location

Liepnitzsee, Germany

Guten tag! Hello! I'm Jenny, and I am a researcher living and working in Berlin, Germany. When I'm not investigating stem cells, I'll be out experiencing German culture to share with you!


This week, I was eager to get out of the cold German winter! I took a week off and traveled to Spain with Emily, one of my best friends from college. I'm excited to tell you about what we learned!


This is the last journal that I will share with you. I hope you have enjoyed reading about my experiences in Germany. Maybe one day you'll decide to live and study abroad too!

Field Notes

When people leave their home country because it is unsafe, they are called refugees. There are many refugees in Berlin. Out of Berlin's total population of over 3.5 million, 82,000 are refugees. 


I work in Germany as a biologist. There are different types of biologists, but I study genetics. Genetics figures out how features pass from parents to kids. Here are some pictures from around my lab!