--Jessica's Journey to France

Current Location

Paris, France

Hi, I am Jessica! I am excited to share my journey to France with you!


I am settling into Paris once again. This week I was readjusting to the city by doing the mundane tasks such as grocery shopping and buying fresh baguettes. My fellow students will arrive soon!


I want to thank all of you for joining me on this journey! It has meant so much to me that I have been able to share these experiences with you. I hope you all get bit by the travel bug someday!

Field Notes

Traveling can sound scary. You may go to a new place and you might not know the language, but do not let that stop you from seeing the world. There are always ways to settle into a new community.


I wish I could share every moment about my time here in Paris, but instead, I want to show you! Here are some pictures I have taken throughout my time in Europe! I hope you enjoy the journey!