Adieu (Farewell)

Paris, France
48.856601715088, 2.352220058441
Journal Entry:

I remember that when I was in sixth grade, we had some upperclassmen at my high school come to speak with us. The upperclassmen were from China, Korea, and Japan, and before I spoke with them I truly did not know the different countries in Asia, and I could not tell the languages apart.  Their words inspired me, though, and they made me want to travel and to learn about other places in the world.

I applied to college knowing I wanted to study abroad, and I was particularly excited about the idea of attending NYU because I liked their Global Liberal Studies program, which enables students to spend their junior year abroad. I became a Gilman International Scholar, which helped fund this trip and make my time abroad more accessible. I received a monetary award that helped cover tuition and food costs. It was this program that also got me interested in applying for Reach the World and which allowed me to be in contact with you!An average day in the daily life of Jessica is very busy. I am taking six classes, five of which are in French. I am a Residential Assistant at NYU Paris and I have an internship in Paris, too! I am interning at a Fragrance Day Spa in the 6th arrondissement called Free Persephone. I am working with the marketing and communications and helping with their social media accounts.