Jessica's Journey to Japan

Current Location

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hello! I'm Jessica, and I'm studying abroad in Tokyo, Japan this spring! I am very excited to share my journey and stories from Japan with everyone and I look forward to meeting new people!


In this logbook, I'll be providing a brief look into my daily life in Tokyo! Some days are random and some days are as expected, but one can never predict what may happen on a daily basis, here! 


Our journey may be coming to an end very soon, but the memories of our stories and travels will last forever. Through the course of our journey in Japan, we were able to explore Japanese culture!

Field Notes

There are a variety of people living in Japan these days! Today, we'll be taking a closer look at a fellow college student's daily life here in Japan, telling us a little bit about how her days are!


An assortment of different meals I had so far during my time in Japan! There's so much good food here from both Japanese culture and other cultures! There was only so much I could add to this album!!