Traveler Bio

Hello everyone! My name is Jessica Gian, and I am from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I am a college student studying business and design, learning how businesses work and interact with people through social media and online platforms. I love to draw, take pictures, and cook and eat good food from different cultures!

Growing up, I was surrounded by people from different cultures and backgrounds. I always listened to them tell me about their adventures and cultures, finding inspiration through storytelling. Their stories led to my love of traveling and learning about different cultures through their own experiences from the past! Because of this, it inspired me to travel and explore different cultures in different cities and towns around the world.

Right now, I am studying in Tokyo, Japan! Tokyo is one of the biggest cities in the world right now and has a ton of things to offer, such as amazing food, beautiful buildings, and historic shrines. I chose to travel abroad and study in Tokyo, Japan because it lets me have the opportunity to both explore the country and also learn about the different cultures of Japan directly! I am very excited to tell everyone about my time and journey in Japan, and I hope to learn more about the life and cultures in your own lives as well!

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