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Beth's Journey to South Korea

Bethanie Garcia

Tarlan's Journey to France

Tarlan Faal

Gabrie's Journey to Japan

Gabriella Jeane de Asis

Erin's Journey to Germany

Erin Christiansen

Francesca's Journey to Germany

Francesca Cappetta

Liam's Journey to Thailand

Liam Byrnes

Anna's Journey to Mexico

Anna Braverman

Mackenzie's Journey to Indonesia

Mackenzie Bowden

Wind Surf's Expedition to the Caribbean

Kristin Schmehl
Timothy Clark Jacob
Wind Surf

Alyssa's Expedition to Cambodia

Alyssa Loyless

Lynn's Expedition to Kenya

Lynn Von Hagen

Mai's Expedition to Madagascar

Mai Fahmy

Camille's Journey to Ecuador

Camille DeSisto

Halima's Journey to Ghana

Halima Mahdee

Colin's Expedition to Antarctica

Colin Heinrich

Bethany's Journey to the United Kingdom

Bethany Pruitt

Shechinah's Journey to Japan

Shechinah Smith

Mary's Journey to Senegal

Mary Blair

Ana's Journey to Nepal

Ana Gonzalez Vargas

Princess' Journey to Mexico

Princess Agina

Nicholas' Journey to Australia

Nicholas Stewart

Kay's Journey to South Korea

Kailyn Provitt

Ben's U.S. - India Exchange

Ben Simington

Hannah's U.S.-India Exchange

Hannah Lider

Quincy's Journey to Nepal

Quincy Yangh

Brian's Journey to China

Brian Tsui

Trent's Journey to Portugal

Trent Trombley

Maya's Journey to Oman

Maya Sullivan

Karina's Journey to Switzerland

Karina Ruiz Lopez

Sophia's Journey to France

Sophia Romano

Allison's Journey to Bulgaria

Allison Rice

Andrej's Journey to Croatia

Andrej Radic

Grace's Journey to Slovakia

Grace Pawluszka

Olivia's Journey to Spain

Olivia Panda

Valerie's Journey to Italy

Valerie Orozco

Colton's Journey to Germany

Colton Ochsner

Katherine's Journey to Rwanda

Katherine Murphy

Caitlin's Journey to Poland

Caitlin Mello

Katherine's Journey to Hungary

Kate McGinn

Lauren's Journey to China

Lauren Limburg

Madeline's Journey to Germany

Madeline Lauver

Mattias' Journey to France

Mattias Lanas

Bhavya's Journey to the European Union

Bhavya Jha

Joanne's Journey to Thailand

Joanne Jean

Azizamosi's Journey to Ireland

Azizamosi Henry

Yasmin's Journey to Germany

Yasmin Harrington

Miranda's Journey to Germany

Miranda Gilgore

MiKayla's Journey to Kyrgyzstan

MiKayla Galloway