Living in a Coastal Community

What parts of this environment help people to live here?:

The ocean is not only a food source in Tofo, it's an important part of the economy! A lot of the money the town makes comes from tourists who came for the ocean. There are many businesses like hotels that make all their money from tourists visiting the town. Tourists choose to vacation in Tofo because they want to see the amazing animals and the beautiful coral reefs that the town is famous for. If the animals were no longer found in Tofo, and the corals all become unhealthy or died, then the tourists wouldn't come here anymore. Unhealthy reefs also cannot support large populations of fish, so the fisherman would not be able to catch enough food. Keeping the ocean healthy ensures that people can live in Tofo for years to come! 

What challenges do people face living in this environment?:

As the climate changes so does the world around us. A very serious problem for coastal communities around the world is that the ocean is actually getting warmer. Although this might sound nice if you enjoy swimming at the beach, coral reefs only survive in certain temperatures. If the water gets too hot the coral will bleach and turn white. Fish cannot live in bleached corals and will leave a bleached reef in search of healthier reefs. So if all the reefs in the area die, the fish will leave and the fisherman will no longer be able to catch anything. People will also choose to vacation somewhere else where they can dive or snorkel on a healthy, colorful reef instead. 

Pollution is also a big problem. Lots of trash ends up in the ocean and can be eaten by accident by sea creatures.