Living in a Coastal Community

After 6 months of leaving the reef alone, fish were able to repopulate the reef and the corals got healthier again having the ecosystem rebalanced. Now Clown Fish Reef is a healthy productive reef again! 

Lots of fishermen have also changed careers! If people are less reliant on the ocean for food, the chance that the reef will be overfished is lower. Overfishing happens when fishermen catch lots of fish in a short period of time, so the fish population doesn't have enough time to catch up. If fewer people are fishing, fewer fish will be caught. Many fishermen have started taking part in farming programs to learn new skills so they can change jobs. There are programs teaching people how to grow vegetables, and how to raise chickens and goats. By participating in these programs and changing jobs, they are helping the ocean by lowering the demand for fish. 

Tofo, Mozambique
Location Data:
POINT (35.5480014 -23.8568821)