A Bit About Me

Lavras, Brazil
-21.265913009644, -45.037315368652
Journal Entry:

So, how does a girl like me end up living and teaching in a place like Brazil? Well, since I was a very young girl (about five years old), I've loved to read about different cultures. When I first started reading "The American Girl Doll" series, I learned a lot about American history through the eyes of young girls like me. Have you read any of those books? With this series, I began to learn the power of books as a way to explore different worlds.

Eventually, my taste in books expanded to stories from other countries, too. The more books I read, the more questions I had about the world around me! This made me read even more books, but I enjoyed reading every page. I liked reading about the clothing, the food, the dances and many other cultural perspectives from various countries.

It was around this time when I got interested in different languages. I love studying Spanish, Portuguese and French. When I went to college, I decided to study English literature and Spanish because I wanted to learn how to understand international stories in these languages. As I continued my education, I also decided to study Africana studies because I wanted to learn more about the stories of African cultures. Today, I believe that all this studying has helped me expand my understanding of our world.