Unique Solutions to Community Needs


Today, I will introduce you all to a few community needs around the island of Tenerife that pose unique problems to the citizens of the island. The island of Tenerife is densely packed with residents and tourists alike. This limits space for agriculture, waste management and much more. To overcome these problems, the people on Tenerife have come up with creative solutions to meet the needs of people who live on and visit the island. Let's look at some of the community needs around the island and how they are being met in creative ways!

What community need did I learn about?:

One of the first needs that has to be addressed is waste management and trash pick up. There is not much space for waste on the island, and as such, trash may unintentionally end up on the streets or by the water's edge.

Another very important need of those residing in Tenerife is water. Though the island is surrounded by water, none of it is drinkable because of the high salt content. There is also very little rain due to the island's geographical location. This makes clean drinking water a major need across the island.

One last community need in Tenerife is electricity, more importantly, affordable electricity. Tenerife has been developing rapidly over the recent past, and large amounts of energy and electricity are needed to keep up with various projects.