The Loggerhead Sea Turtle


On the island of Tenerife, there is a wide variety of plant and animal life! The majority of animal life on the island can be found in the ocean. There is an abundance of fish, mammals and many more species that call the ocean their home! Today, I'll be introducing the loggerhead sea turtle, one of seven different species of sea turtles that can be found around Tenerife. I'll tell you a little bit about this amazing reptile that is common throughout the Canary Islands. 

What does this creature or plant look like?:

The loggerhead sea turtle is the largest hard-shelled turtle, and it can grow to almost four feet long. The turtle is covered in brownish-orange scales, and its head and flippers are yellowish. The loggerhead sea turtle has a beak just like a bird, which it uses to hunt prey. 

How did I feel when I saw it?:

When I first saw it, I was on a boat in the southern part of Tenerife. I was looking for whales when someone called out, "Tortuga! Tortuga!" Then, there it was, a loggerhead sea turtle! When I saw it, I was super excited. I have never seen a sea turtle in the wild before, so this was a first for me. The first thing that I did was get my camera ready and took a few pictures before it went back under the water. I was so surprised to see a sea turtle up close! I'll definitely be going back on that boat again soon!