This Is Not a Goodbye!

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Journal Entry:

Hello, New Friends,

Wow, what a journey we've had exploring Morocco together! You have brought so much energy and excitement to our virtual classroom, and I've loved every minute of it!

As we wrap up our time together, I want to remind you that this isn't a goodbye, but more like a "catch you later." Who knows where our paths might next cross? Maybe they'll cross in Morocco, or maybe in some other cool place and we can explore together, even in person!

You've all shown such excitement and energy throughout our learning sessions, and I have no doubt that you'll continue to grow and learn about the world beyond the classroom. Keep exploring, dreaming big and keep being curious!  You're amazing people.  I know that you'll go far!

I'm so grateful to have been a part of your learning journey, and actually, I have discovered many things about Morocco along the way, too. I would love to hear about the exciting things you do in the future. Remember, the world is your playground, so go out there and discover!

Catch you later,

Meaghen Porte