Traveler Bio

Salam! Peace. What does this mean, you ask? Well, in many countries, including Morocco, this is how we greet everyone, and it means I hope for peace to come to you. Isn't that nice? Who doesn't want peace, right?  My name is Meaghen (rhymes with "me again," but said fast) and I wish you "salam"--peace. I am a woman who is originally from a small town in Montana, and have been to 11 countries and lived in five of those. And now I'm out here in the world serving in the Peace Corps in North Africa.

What does it mean to "serve"? Like a server at a restaurant? No, not exactly. I am a Volunteer who works with the Youth of Morocco. I am here to do all I can toward the goal of Peace Corps, to share peace and friendship. Isn't that cool!? This is my best job, ever! I am like an ambassador from America and I try hard to be kind to everyone I meet here and to integrate myself into the culture so that there is an exchange of ideas and customs, building friendships along the way. But mostly, I work to help students develop the skills necessary to have a successful life: decision-making, problem-solving, and leadership... things like that.

I am excited to share my adventures with you and cannot wait to travel throughout the school year, and beyond, together!

Want to learn how to be a Peace Corps Volunteer like me? The Peace Corps is an international service network of volunteers, community members, host country partners, and staff who are driven by the agency’s mission of world peace and friendship. At the invitation of governments around the world, Peace Corps Volunteers work alongside community members on locally-prioritized projects. Learn how you can #ServeBoldy with the Peace Corps.