Meilin's Journey to Ecuador

Current Location

La Maná, Ecuador

Join me on my journey to Ecuador! I will be teaching English to university students as part of Fulbright English Teaching Assistant program. I will also be doing reasearch on bilingualism! 


Although nothing has really changed in La Maná, I did spend time in a place called Pangua. It was filled with greenery, dirt, and the most amazing views, including seven beautiful cascades. 


I had a really hard time moving to the United States while I was young. However, I learned a lot! I loved school and was able to find my passion for traveling and teaching.


Field Notes

Trash: bottles, food, wrappers, napkins, tissues.  The problem is that when people throw away trash, they toss it onto the streets. Soon, it is going to pile up even more!  


About thirty minutes away from my house in Ecuador, there is a wonderful location called Las Siete Cascadas. There are seven waterfalls on one single mountain! We hiked it all to see all seven!