Meilin's Autobiography

La Maná, Ecuador
-0.941194891930, -79.231605529785
Journal Entry:

"Buenos dias, Meilin," my entire family would say to me every day during breakfast in Peru. I was born on March 5, 1995, in the capital of Peru: Lima. It's a beautiful, large city with a lot of diversity. I grew up speaking Spanish since Peru's primary language is Spanish. But my dad is from China, so I also heard some Chinese when he was around me. 

In Peru, I went to school for about two years. I also danced ballet and Marinera, which is a Peruvian folk dance. I also modeled for a little bit under the company Frieda Holler. I had a lot of fun traveling with my parents to Machu Picchu, Chile, the Amazon River, and other towns in Peru. Have you ever seen pictures of Machu Picchu? It is so beautiful! 

Four years after I was born, my mother had my younger sister, Meiyi. We were all having a great time; however, two years later, my dad came home to tell us big news. We were moving to the United States. All I could think about was how alone I would be in the U.S. and how I didn't know any English. I didn't want to move, but I had no choice. 

Once in the United States, we moved a lot. My dad wanted to find a safe place to live. So we went to California, New York and finally moved to New Hampshire.