Basura Around La Maná


What do you do when you finish eating a bag of chips? Do you throw it away in a trash can? Do you toss it on to the street? Do you keep the bag in your pocket? 

Think about why you do what you answered above. 

The attitude towards trash is different here in this small town than it is where I am from. Something I learned from my community is that most people here do not care about throwing trash on the streets. This is shocking to me, and it probably will be to you, too.

Can you imagine seeing small pieces of trash everywhere in your neighborhood? 

Can you imagine seeing someone toss trash on the ground? Would you say anything to them? 

What community need did I learn about?:

Throughout the time that I have lived here, I learned that trash pile up is a problem that might worsen. There are a lot of people that throw garbage anywhere they are. They do not throw it away in trash cans or keep it in a bag or pocket until they go home. When I asked some people why they toss trash, they answered by saying, "But the street cleaners will pick it up." I wonder if they care when they see their neighborhoods filled with bottles and wrappers. I also learned that although there are street cleaners that work everyday to clean up garbage, they don't pick all of it up. I am not sure why this is, but it's the truth!