Waste Separation and Collection in Dresden


Waste collection helps keep communities clean and healthy by creating a system for disposing of trash, recycling and other waste products. In the United States, we typically divide waste into the categories of "trash" and "recycling." Germany also has a system for dividing and disposing of waste, but they divide their waste products using even more specific categories. For instance, in addition to "trash" and "recycling," most Germans also compost vegetables and other compostable goods, and they have a separate waste bin for plastic packaging.

What community need did I learn about?:

When I first moved to Germany, I learned a lot about their waste system. I had to get used to making sure I was disposing of my waste in the correct bin. In the United States, I would put the plastic packaging from a yogurt cup, an apple core and a dirty paper towel in the same trash can. However, in Germany, I have to put the plastic yogurt cup in the waste bin for plastics, the apple core in the composting container and the only the dirty paper towel into the trash.

Why does the community have this need?:

People in Germany, just like people in the United States, use many disposable products everyday. For instance, the food I buy at the grocery store here in Germany often comes in plastic packaging or a box that can be recycled.