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What main languages are spoken here?:

The Spanish region of Galicia has two official languages: Galician (Gallego in Spanish) and Spanish (normally referred to as Castellano because of its region of origin). Galician is very similar to Spanish, but it is definitely a distinct language. I can partially understand Galician with my knowledge of Spanish, but there is a lot of vocabulary and some grammar that is different.

What type of money is used here?:

The euro is the official currency of Spain.

How much does a bottle of water cost?:

One bottle of water usually costs about one euro and fifty cents at a restaurant. However, in a grocery store you can find a cheaper bottle of water for about only one euro.

What was the best meal this week?:

Last weekend I went to a birthday party to celebrate with two friends who had the same birthday. We all gathered together and brought different tapas to eat together, in Spanish fashion. It was great to see everyone after we were all traveling to different countries over the break.

What music did I listen to this week?:

One of the classes I am teaching is a 'Music in English' class for seventh graders. This past week we were talking about different genres of music, so we listened to a wide range of singers and songs.