Farewell, South Korea!

Seoul, South Korea
37.566535000000, 126.977969200000
Journal Entry:

Although my journey to South Korea was only three weeks long, those three weeks were filled with so many wonderful experiences. Although took some time to get used to being in a new country, I knew I had to jump headfirst to experience as much as possible. Through my class at Yonsei University, my newly made friends, and the strong nerve to explore, I learned so much about South Korea. 

I was able to meet many amazing people. Some people were like me, studying abroad as part of the short-term program. I also met people staying for longer study abroad programs as well as people who live permanently in South Korea. They had such diverse stories to share about their lives in and outside Korea. With this mixture of acquaintances, I was able to go on many adventures around Korea, such as my trip to Busan and my multiple dates at cafes.  

Through my explorations, I was able to see beautiful places, eat amazing food, learn about Korean culture and history, and make some really good friends. I have a newly replenished appreciation for South Korea through all the things I have learned and experienced.

Although I came into the country with a love for and curiosity about Korean culture, actually being in the country was a whole new feeling.