The Beach in Busan


Although we are right in the middle of a cold winter, the beach still plays a significant role in Busan.  Along with seeing the typically large number of tourists you would find in a beach city, there were larger, more permanent differences. Seoul has a more fast-paced feeling to it, with quick public transportation and a subway system. Busan has far less frequent offerings for public transportation. This is just one of the differences between these areas, and there are many more.  

What makes this environment special or different?:

Seoul is home to the long Han River, which serves a largely commercial purpose. However, the Yellow Sea that makes up the beaches in Busan serves a more leisurely purpose. The beaches are open year-round and hold various events that include festivals and parties. When I was there, the beach was full of people having photoshoots along the beach. Due to the cold weather, though, there were fewer tourists than normal, and it was the perfect opportunity to get a picture without people in the background.  

What parts of this environment help people to live here?:

Due to the slow nature of the city, there is rarely traffic in Busan. And while the traffic across Busan is not completely safe, it is much better than that in Seoul.