Nadezhda's Journey to Russia

Current Location

Omsk, Russia

Hello! My name is Nadia and I am a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant at a university in Omsk, Russia. I am really excited to share my love of language and culture with you all!


This week was really busy! I went to a puppet theatre, played laser tag and tried not to fall on the ice in the streets. And, of course, I am learning how to dress warmly against the cold.


I have really enjoyed getting to share my experiences in Russia with you! I have been learning a lot about the people, the culture, the food and teaching! I hope that you have learned a lot, too.

Field Notes

Education is an important part of all communities, whether it is in school or not. The same is true in Omsk. People want to receive an education so that they can pursue their dreams and goals.


Every year, the biggest club at the Department of Foreign Languages holds a Freshman Orientation. The students get put into different teams and then play games, do skits and enjoy a day of comradery!