Do Svidanya! (Good Bye!)

Omsk, Russia
54.988480400000, 73.324236100000
Journal Entry:

This journey has been full of really incredible people and learning experiences. I am constantly reminded about how much I have to learn about Russia--and the world as a whole. It is super exciting to begin to feel new knowledge at your fingertips and then have the opportunity to pursue it. Moments like that happen constantly when abroad and are one of the most fulfilling parts of living in a different country. For example, I was at a cafe with one of my friends, and she recommended a certain tea. The tea, of course, had a very particular name, so I looked up the translation online, and found out that its name was "Crisp Moment." Not only was the name fitting for the moment itself, but learning two new words was such a thrill! Later, I asked my Russian professor and friends how to further use these words in context, which in turn led to more satisfying conversations. 

Being in Russia for the third time has also been a great reminder to pursue what you love doing, and do it with all of your heart. I have loved Russian since I started studying it when I was 10, and it is that love and pull that pushes me to learn, even when I am tired and frustrated. 

At the same time, this journey has taught me to keep learning, and that you can never know too much about a subject.