Flor means "Flower" in Spanish

I like to be in nature, and I get to meet new people who come to share the cabin!

What is your family like?:

My family is Mamá Estela and Papá Sandro. I’m the second child. The first is Verónica; the third is Andrés, and the littlest is Yoana. We also have a lot of dogs and little cats.

How do you get around?:

I get around with my feet, bike, bus, train and by bus.

What types of clothing do you like to wear?:

I like to wear colorful clothes, comfortable clothes, tight tshirts and comfortable sneakers.

What do you like to do in your free time?:

I like to sing, read, meditate, watch nature documentaries, write, ride my bike and drink mate while I study.

What language(s) do you speak? How do you say "Hello" in your language?:

I speak Spanish and a little bit of Portuguese. I’m studying Quechua, the language of my grandmothers. To say hello, I would say “Hola” or “Holis!”

Do you have pets?:

I have a little cat named Nalá. She’s one year old, and these days she lives in my Mom’s house. My dream is to be able to travel with her, although I think cats prefer to situate themselves in one place.

Have you traveled? Where have you traveled to?:

I traveled for two years and got to know four different countries in Latin America: Bolivia, Perú, Ecuador and Colombia. On other occasions, I traveled for a couple long months, like when I went to Brazil. I really like to travel! These days I feel like travelling throughout my province, Buenos Aires.