Where the Forest Meets the Ocean

I have had the pleasure of meeting beautiful people who have been raised on this land, and others who choose to build here and raise their kids with a different quality of life in mind.

What challenges do people face living in this environment?:

While the long winters and unforgiving winds, here, are certainly challenging, the greatest issues people face in Chapadmalal  are those caused by other humans who abuse their positions of power. For example, toward the beginning of the pandemic, local government forces took away the only ambulance that connected the town’s inhabitants to the closest city hospital over 15 miles away. Apparently, the drop in tourism was enough reason for them to justify leaving more than 4,000 people without access to emergency healthcare. It was only thanks to the neighbors’ persistent organization and activism, that the ambulance came back!

How have people been adapting to this environment?:

Many people are building their homes using bio-construction techniques! That means minimizing their impact on the landscape, using sustainable materials, such as mud, straw and recycled items like glass and plastic bottles. Today, folks are using a mixture of regional ancestral traditions and modern technology to construct a community built to last.

Chapadmalal, General Pueyrredón, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina
Location Data:
POINT (-57.651944 -38.173056)