From Tourist to Parisian in One, Two, Three!

Paris France
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Journal Entry:

After getting the hang of using public transport to commute, I realized that there is unspoken etiquette that every Parisian follows while using public transportation. These “rules” ensure that the flow of traffic is smooth, without delays and helps make sure everyone is able to get where they need to go. I noticed there is a specific way people get in and out of the Metro. First, when the train arrives, the people waiting on the platform to get on wait on either side of the door and out of the way which allows everyone descending to get out and no one gets on until everyone that needed to has done so. Once on the train, you can either find a seat or place to stand; if you're sitting and someone of old age, disabled or pregnant gets on and needs a seat, you are expected to give up your seat for them. After quarantine, the new etiquette for public transportation was to always wear a mask and social distance! 

Part of French culture is being polite and showing respect to everyone regardless if you know them at all. For example, if you go to a boulangerie (bakery), you have to be sure to greet the staff when you walk in. This is important because you acknowledge their presence and interact with them before you ask for what you need.