Nicolas' Journey to France

Current Location

Reims, France

Are you ready to investigate delicious chocolates and bread, learn the language of love and listen to 200-year-old church bells ringing in the streets of Reims? Let's explore France together!


This week, I decided to travel to Venice, Italy for my fall break. It was exciting, emotional, exhausting and, of course, heaps of fun!


The end is always bittersweet. I have had a lot of fun sharing my experience and I hope it has been helpful. I hope one day you decide to do as I've done, since its a wonderful experience. 

Field Notes

Everyone in a community may not have the same needs. In this Field Note, I'll talk about homelessness and poverty in Reims and what the community is doing to help the less fortunate.


This week, the annual Christmas Market opened. All around France, especially in the northern region, Christmas markets are set up where people can come see lights and buy winter foods.