Community Needs


The needs of a community differ depending upon whom you focus. For instance, while some may be concerned about not being able to eat at a restaurant every day, others who are less fortunate may be concerned about not eating every day at all.

What community need did I learn about?:

Unfortunately, like it is in most cities around the world, poverty is present in Reims. There are people here that don't have a home, food to eat every day or something to keep them warm in the cold. In the country of France, there are an estimated 100,000-150,000 homeless people. Therefore, there is always a need for those who will give their time and effort to alleviate the poor's suffering.

Why does the community have this need?:

The need to alleviate poverty exists simply because poverty exists. Why poverty exists is a complicated issue. Environmental, societal and personal factors all influence a person's future and current needs. Some factors, like the fact that Reims gets below freezing during the winter, create a bigger need for those who are incapable of affording shelter to keep warm.

Is this need being met? How?:

Thanks to charities like the Société de Saint-Vincent-de-Paul, this need is being met, though not on a scale that would render poverty abolished.