Reims, France
49.258329000000, 4.031696000000
Journal Entry:

All things must come to an end, but as one chapter ends, a new one begins. It has been a pleasure sharing my adventure with you. Before we say our final goodbyes, I want to leave you with some general things I have learned during my stay in France.

First, always keep your mind open. I never planned on studying abroad in France. I had already finished three years at my university, and I had one year left. The idea of doing something outside of just graduating was non-existent. However, it just takes one choice and an open mind to change the course of your future. One afternoon, on my way to my house after a long day of classes, I stumbled upon a poster that advertised a lecture with a United States Department of State representative. The poster announced a talk about future job prospects working for the Department of State. Being an international relations major, I thought it would be interesting to attend. So, I went, and to my amazement I left the talk with the idea that study abroad might not only be possible but economically cheaper and personally fortifying. A few months passed, some planning was done and I found myself committing to one full year across the Atlantic on another continent, in a country whose language I did not speak. Keep an open mind, you never know where the road might take you.

Secondly, don’t be afraid.