Rikki's Journey to Nepal

Current Location

Sagarmatha National Park, Nepal

Namaste! I'm Rikki, and I'll be studying in Nepal this semester in order to explore its diverse culture and learn the Nepali language. I can't wait to share this country and my experiences with you! 


My independent study project just began, so continue reading to learn about my experiences traveling in Kathmandu, Lukla and Namche to do field research and interviews!


I'm always out exploring new places, so I can only ever carry the bare minimum with me while I travel. Reflect with me to see how each place differs yet always feels like home! 

Field Notes

Keep reading to learn more about living and flying in a high-altitude mountain environment like the Himalayas!


Known as the festival of lights, Tihar is the most fun festival of the year. Lights twinkle up and down all of the buildings, and several annual worship rituals happen during this time.