Traveler Bio

Namaste! Greetings!

My name is Rikki, but while I'm studying in Nepal, you can call me Sumana Khatri! I'm a third-year general engineering student from Harvey Mudd College in southern California, but this semester I'm traveling throughout Nepal to study language, culture and electrical systems engineering. However, I'll only have time to get a small taste of Nepali culture because there are at least 123 ethnic groups and 93 languages identified within the borders of this small country!

I'm originally from Chesterfield, Virginia. I love to go on adventures and try new things like different food, hang-gliding, white water rafting and more. This isn't my first study abroad and it won't be my last. Two summers ago I spent time in Beijing, China learning Mandarin and electrical engineering, and next semester I'll be off to Christchurch, New Zealand to study Maori culture and mechanical engineering. This experience, however, is by far the most immersive and interactive with the host culture.

I hope that by following me on this adventure, you'll be excited and encouraged to travel around the world and learn about other cultures as much as possible! In doing so, you might end up learning a lot about yourself! 

Pheri chitto bhetaulaa! See you again soon!