Tihar, The Festival of Lights!


My friend Lani on my bedroom balcony while we admire the strings of lights hung up on the street
All of the pastry shops made tons of sweets each day during the festival
The stores also stocked up on colorful decorations for the occasion
Many street vendors sold all of these different colored powders for worshipping the Goddess Laxmi and for multi-colored tikas
The first day celebrates dogs, so our house puppy got a flower necklace and tika bestowed on its head
On the next day, the Laxmi puja (or worship), included decorating the house with long strings of marigolds
This big pot filled with fruits, spices and money stayed in our storeroom for the Laxmi puja
My Nepali sisters painted this flower and made the footsteps of Goddess Laxmi from outside into and throughout the house