Robert's Journey to Colombia

Current Location

Bogotá, Colombia

Hola, buenas! I will be living in Bogotá, Colombia for the coming year and working as a professor at the National University. Join me on my journey to Bogota and throughout Colombia! Listo? Chao!


Boyacá, a district of Colombia that is about a three hours' drive from Bogotá, is famous for its picturesque colonial towns, delicious food, and a unique mountain ecosystem called... remember? Páramo!


It's hard to believe that my time in Bogotá has finally come to an end! Over the last few weeks, I've been checking off the last goals and activities from my to-do list. Here's how it all wrapped up!

Field Notes

Ever wonder what living in the most arid, or dry environment is like? Let's trek through the red sands of the el Desierto Tatacoa and Tatacoita to find out!  Don't forget water and suntan lotion!


Trujillo, or the ancient Moche City, is full of ornate archaeological structures! The scultures, friezes and stone murals will capture your eye and not allow you to look away. Let's check them out!