Adiós or Goodbye Bogotá!

Bogotá, Colombia
4.710988521576, -74.072090148926
Journal Entry:

During my final weeks in Bogotá, I had a long list of things that I wanted to do before leaving. Everything from enjoying different forms of entertainment, to trying different foods and participating in various activities. There's so much that makes up a country and its culture, and though I didn't get to experience it all, I certainly experienced a lot of it!

To start, I was constantly entertained during the last month or so with games, site-seeing and shopping. I was thrilled to finally play Tejo, the game I told you all about in the fall! Remember how it works? It's kind of like skeeball where you toss a ball to hit a mark, though with some key differences: you toss a large, metal disc, and try to hit a pink triangle filled with a bit of gunpowder. If you hit the mark, a little explosion goes off, and that's how you know you got the points! Next, I went with some friends to do a chiva, which is large party bus that drives people around the city! That's not all though, the bus has a dance floor and music is blasted the whole night. There's even a dancer on the bus who shows you the best moves. Also, the site-seeing was phenomenal. I went to the largest flower market in Bogotá and saw ornate, or beautifully decorated, colonial architecture.